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Key Stage 3


Year 7 and 8 students follow the National Curriculum, loosely following the AQA for KS3 syllabus which breaks down the curriculum into ‘big ideas’. The aim of KS3 is to enable students to grasp the underpinning ideas of Science before further study at GCSE. We aim to enable students to fill in the gaps in their Science knowledge before returning to mainstream feeling confident in their ability.


The range of activities and practical sessions hope to bring enjoyment to the study of science to reengage learners.


Year 9 students are starting to study the Entry Level Certificate in order to prepare them as best as possible for GCSE courses next year. We follow the EdExcel entry level certificate.


Key Stage 4


All students follow the EdExcel entry level certificate and the Combined GCSE for those who are able to access this course. We aim to have every on-site student leaving Ashwood with a nationally recognised science qualification.


The entry level is 6 papers taken throughout the year. 


The GCSE is also 6 papers all sat in exam season, 2 for each discipline.



Exam Information

What exam courses are offered, board and level.

EdExcel entry level certificate (and the certificate in further science) at level 1-3

EdExcel combined science GCSE at grades 9-1

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We offer a science club this year

Visits may include trips into industry or to the planetarium

Revision classes and additional catch up classes are also available