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School Closure

Any decision to close the Academy is not taken lightly. In the event of adverse weather conditions we will consult the following websites for information:

When the decision is made to close the following considerations are undertaken:

  • Safety of students travelling to school and returning home
  • Safety of staff travelling to school and returning home
  • Safety of staff and students whilst on site
  • The time taken for Parents to make childcare arrangements if the Academy is closed
  • The ability of students to return home safely if the Academy were to close during the school day.


The decision to close the school will be made before school finishes the day before the closure. Students will be given a letter to take home explaining the closure. If predicted weather conditions do not materialise a notice will be placed on the scrolling banner at the bottom of the websites Homepage.


Students can access learning through the 'Student' tab on the websites Homepage. From here they should select the relevant program:

  • Achieve 3000 – Key Stage 3 English
  • Century – Key Stage 3 & 4 English, Maths & Science
  • iAchieve – Key Stage 4 Enterprise & Cookery
  • Pixl Maths App – Key Stage 4 Maths
  • Tassomai – GCSE Science
  • Votes for Schools – Key Stage 3 & 4 PSHE