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Key Stage 3


In Key Stage 3 we are focussing on the more core topics. We have identified 18 topics that – if fully understood – will enable pupils to access any topic left in the curriculum as these core topics make up the building blocks of the others. The majority of topics focus on number-based work to ensure a smooth transition from Key Stage 2.  Each topic will be covered at the same time for all abilities – the depth of understanding will be the key to differentiating between abilities. There are also regular opportunities to use the Maths knowledge learned in practical project-based tasks – ensuring that pupils’ problem solving skills and resilience are challenged and extended – and that pupils can once again see where Maths is used in real life.

Key Stage 4


Following changes to the curriculum we now follow the AQA exam board. In Year 10 we are almost covering topics not taught in KS3 within the GCSE course – with only a few topics left for Year 11. Year 11 will be focussed on revising key topics that appear more frequently in exams and becoming more familiar with exam-styled questions as well as the few topics left over from Year 10.

Students will also be taught one lesson of Functional skills and have the opportunity to take a functional skills examination in Mathematics at either level 1 or level 2.


Exam Information

What exam courses are offered, board and level.

AQA GCSE in Mathematics

AQA functional skills in Mathematics level 1 and 2.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Revision classes after school and during the May half term holiday.

Extra Curricular trips to experience Mathematics and Problem solving within the larger world.