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Arts Award

Arts Award

Bronze Award

Young people take an active part in the arts as well as experiencing the arts as audience members. They research the work of an artist or craftsperson and share their skills with others. They create personal arts portfolios to record their experiences in a format of their choice.

Part A: explore the arts as a participant – students are encouraged to get involved with a practical arts activity.

Part B: explore the arts as an audience member – students go on a trip to a local museum to learn about the history of Basingstoke.

Part C: arts inspiration – students research and create a presentation about someone in an arts form that inspires them.

Part D: arts skills share – students peer teach each other a specific skill that they have.

Silver Award

Students are given the opportunity to build on their bronze arts award and to progress to a silver award. The award has two distinct units which must be evidenced separately in a form that the learner chooses. Students explore arts practice and pathways as well as arts leadership.

Unit 1:

Identify, plan, implement and review an arts challenge. This builds on and develops the skills in part A of the bronze award.

Review and research arts events. This builds on and develops the skills in part B of the bronze award.

Unit 2:

Plan, deliver and review an arts project. Students are encouraged to generate their own ideas and take control of their own event with guidance from their assessor.

Exam Information

The Bronze Award is a Level 1 qualification

The Silver Award is a Level 2 qualification

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students have taken part in visits to Salisbury Cathedral, a sculpture park, Milestones Museum, The Anvil & Cinemas.


‘I improved my work ethic and kept going until I had finished.’ Connor

‘This has inspired me to visit more museums and learn more about how people used to live.’ Olivia

‘I learnt that I can concentrate on a task for a long time and complete a lot more work than I thought I could.’ Jack