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Key Stage 3


The course is designed to engage, inspire and challenge students and will provide them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Students use sketchbooks to record research, refine and present their ideas and produce exciting work in a range of media which would make their learning compatible with eventual reintegration into mainstream.


Key Stage 4


Pupils are encouraged to work on their chosen projects subject matter and be introduced to a wide variety of media and techniques through focus on their work of relevant artists. Students assimilate a greater understanding of artistic language through work and written responses. They are encouraged to discuss art in class and assess each other’s work to give them a mature insight and greater artistic awareness.


Exam Information


AQA – GCSE – Fine Art


Unit 1 (60% of final mark) is where students demonstrate that they have explored different ideas, various media and researched the work of relevant artists. Their portfolio must represent at least two artistic disciplines which include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, animation, installation and mixed media.


Unit 2 (40% of final mark) consists of a short project, culminating in a ten hour final resolution.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities


Once a week an Art Club is open to students wishing to attend. There they are encouraged to continue developing their skills through experimenting with a variety of media.


Visits to art gallery and sculpture park